Born somewhere in the hills of San Francisco, Charlie grew up surrounded by arts and media with parents in radio and literary fields. These parents would be the foundation for his theatrical essence, imaginative doggedness: a father radio DJ whose skits constantly tested his program director’s patience and a mother who would go on to raise to two boys on her own.

By age seven, he had traveled across the US five times and spanned the near entirety of Western Europe, Mexico and Mediterranean lands. By age 11, Charlie booked his first commercial, his first play at 13. Award-winning archer, poet and wrestler by the age of 15, Charlie was also bilingual by 16.

Subsequently, his studies drove him towards the arts of translation and physical therapies. But his dreams wouldn’t be dashed and in a moment of frustration he finally decided to pen a list of his loves, his hobbies, his ambitions. This list was so long and varied, the sheer weight of the thing could not be held by any single profession, until a voice in him spoke out; his path was to be an actor.

In the past two years Charlie’s garnered several cinematic accolades, including those from USC, UCLA, South By Southwest’s and various local film festivals for his character portrayals. In a recent review by VARIETY staffer Shelley Gabert, his rendering of Neil LaBute’s character from BASH “John” was “upbeat, but scary… strong, but nuanced”.

Others can be quoted similarly when describing Charlie. Delia Salvi, one of UCLA’s master acting teachers has remarked:

“(He’s) so open, something inside’s very available and willing to go deep, all the way, to put himself on the line. (James) Dean had it in a way as well. Beautiful.”

And as one Hollywood agent put it:

“Charlie is a magnificent combination of Daniel Day Lewis for his personal evisceration, his giving over to a part and a young Tom Cruise.”

Whatever the comment, whatever the review it’s certain that Charlie is one of the next generation of actors making his mark, dedicated to telling the filmmaker’s, the playwright’s or the writer’s story as a vanguard of talent and expression.

Currently living in the Los Angeles area, Charlie can be seen around in local productions, plays and short films. Recent appearances include CBS’ “King of Queens”, NBC’s “American Dreams” and the soon-to-be released “Synesthesia” exec’d by Randal Kleiser, director of “Grease”, helmed by prodigy Gene Beidl and photographed by cinematic legend Bill Butler.

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