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17 February 2009

lots of life being crammed into smaller spaces these moments. i'm enjoying it. i feel like i'm birthing something as an artist, something on the horizon. i'm going to include a self-potrait here but not because i like the way i look. i'm including it because it's how i wished i were. i wish i could just emanate thoughts and expression.

and here's another landscape for the fun of it.


25 January 2009

i went to the opera last night. hadn't done that in a while. my most vivid memories of opera had to do with elementary school in san francisco and being forced to go. i saw mozart's "magic flute" and one song blew my mind. the actress hit notes that i didn't think were possible. supernatural.

so, i'm still kicking around and working hard. the actor's strike looms, the recession booms and our world seems to be in upheaval. but i think it's the opportune moment for us to make art. this is the time. so, who's with me?

20 March 2008

i'm dreaming a lot these days. and, a little known fact, i sleepwalk and talk a lot while i sleep. so between all the waking activity and that when i'm asleep, i'm on a tear for certain. not sure where it will lead, but i'm moving through it all the same.

i guess all i want to say for the moment is "perchance to dream".

5 March 2008

on a creative spur these daze. making the most of light both artificial and natural to get these things done and put on paper, on camera, on the web, in the audience, in my mind.

got a toy phone that lets me take stills of the moment and i've been sort of enamored with cityscapes. you know, sitting at a stoplight and just taking a shot. like these, for example:

it fascinates me i guess, the aesthetic of life being all around and i'm stuck in some car wandering with no attention to it. the freedom of living is in the detailed observation of the existent pageantry. its a worthwhile experience.

21 August 2007

busy busy. that's what i am. been working on lots of projects. exciting times.

a few weeks ago i got a text message from my mom on a plane trip. the landing gear of her plane wouldn't go down. i wanted to pull over from the freeway i was on but i made it home without wrecking the car. i text messaged her rapidly and forcefully but to no response. my heart and stomach were freefalling. she'd told me to take care of my brother and that she loved me. i called my brother and he hadn't heard about it.

she ended up okay in the end. they'd done an emergency landing with the spray foam, the braced sitting position, etc.

i look at that experience now and want to say that it's changed my mind a bit. it made me look at a bigger picture. that experience has informed my life, my art, my expression. i know i will never be the same.

life is a great teacher and challenge.

27 March 2007

a month already? really? it has been a month... hasn't it.

i just wanted to jot down something simple here, something i haven't really ever said aloud...

i really enjoy hearing from people. when they find the site or this journal and shoot me a note, it's a glad-giving feeling, reminiscent of a pen-pal journey, but with the complete abandon and chaos of the internet. it feels as though i have a cup and an infinite piece of string waiting for someone to pick up the other dixie cup, and delighted when they do.

so continue to throw me messages across this mile-wide by inch deep pond. i'll be listening.


23 February 2007

all i have to say can be summed up in a quote this month:

"The artist doesn't have time to listen to the critics. The ones who want to be writers read the reviews, the ones who want to write don't have time to read the reviews"
~William Faulkner

5 February 2007

oh february. you're cold, and a few drops of rain. honestly, at the moment, i'd like it to rain for a week or two straight. and that's not out of some mood or weird desire. los angeles needs it every now and again. maybe, then again, so do i...

yesterday was amazingly beautiful. a perfect day, really. i spent it all day inside of course shooting a film, i wrote and directed. it was a wonderful venture into working on some new things for me. a comedy. the situation is ridiculous but the actors were game and we got done in a few hours what many do in a week. that's how we roll.

the new lily allen cd is great. the shins have a good thing going. i'm in the beats tv on the radio are pounding out too. i'm playing guitar with a friend who is entertaining me, listening as mutilate his songs. we may end up playing gigs in the future.

have you seen "little children", the recent movie? my god.



9 January 2007

yes, it's 2007. no, i'm not kidding you. no. no, time isn't moving faster all of the sudden. it's just global warming making your ice cubes melt a little quicker so you end up thinking time is freight-training along.

went to europe over the holidaze. was a good one. i got a chance to see a one-man show in paris. the star was a french actor playing an "american" from las vegas. it was rife with satire and cultural fun-poking. i enjoyed it immensely. the most brilliant part of it was, while imitating an american and gesturing clichéd americanisms, indicating some of our less attractive qualities he managed to do something incredible: tie together the fact that france has its own brands of political and interpersonal liabilities, not altogether dissimilar from america. what a mind.

in other news, i can't recommend highly enough CHILDREN OF MEN. so detailed and masterful a film. more of those please!


Five minutes of today are worth as much to me, as five minutes in the next millenium. Let us be poised, and wise, and our own, today. ~Emerson

have a great day everyone.



28November 2006

hello party people,

first, let me say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES! (mi hermano)

been a while since i've posted an entry... thought i'd update you.

went to seattle for thanksgiving. it was nice and cold - a welcomed break from la's warm "global-warming" styled holiday (although los angeles seems to have gotten the message and dropped its temps as of late). also have plans to puddlejump over to europe for the end of december. france and uk are calling.

i miss travelling lately. my father was a member of the "itinerant fathers of america" club and i guess deep down i've got his echoes rattling around. since i was a child i reached around the planet to see where i could drop anchor for some months and perhaps learn a thing or two. it was hugely beneficial and something i'll be passing on to my children (when i have them).

sometimes i get so wrapped up in the present moment with projects, writing, ideas that a future plan can get lost in the shuffle.

anyway i leave you with this quote, it'll be my first "quote of the month":

"Half of the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness." ~Ray Bradbury



13 October 2006


happy friday the 13th!

newest happenings for me: shot another commercial a few weeks ago for playstation. that was pretty nuts. i'm a bit of a maniac in it. trust me. also, finished principal photography on psycho hillbilly cabin massacre. it was great fun. i can't tell you how nice it was to be on a set where one for one, everyone was really cool and we just had fun. look for that in about 3-5 months. i had a scene with patty mcCormack of the bad seed lineage.

on a more personal note, i wanted to share with whoever is reading this journal that i feel on fire these days. i want to set ablaze artistically. i've been very passionate about my artistic ventures for a long, long time. but the closer and closer i get toward my goals, the hotter i become.

so in closing, whatever you are doing - what you're passionate or driven about - make it an all-out, over the ramparts charge. there really is no sense in doing it any other way. and have fun for goddsakes!



22 September 2006

hello hello,

well, things are moving really well for me these days.

my film, an open door, received lots of praise and support at the la shorts intl film festival. thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support. it means a lot. i could get into this acting thing, know what i mean?

in other news, my jc penney commercial made some waves. i've been at a few castings lately where it was referenced. that thing was a blast to shoot. paul hunter is my hero of the month. that guy's got talent 'til the cows come home.

well, i'm in the middle of the film "brick" with joseph gordon-levitt. my god, the whole thing is a marvel. i would love to work with the director rian johnson and joseph sometime. it's inspiring. masterful.



24th August

hey guys,

first, thanks for coming over & visiting my website. it's been a goal of mine for quite a while to have a website and keep people informed on my career, the latest news, what have you. browse around and check it out. i expect to really pump this thing full of content and interesting bits of acting, art, music - everything i do.

this journal area will be my own little sandbox to talk about acting, the industry, my experiences here in los angeles.

i love hearing from people so shoot me an email and tell me what you think of the site, my work or whatever is on your mind.

talk to you soon.