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8 April 2011
Too long to post everything. But here's the short version:

I'm diving back into the fray of acting/producing. This time will be my most courageous attempt yet: 8.31

Also, I did a fun spot for Zippo. I love period war movies!

Want to get a DVD of 3 Things? Lemme know!

30 April 2010
Wait what?

Guess Charlie has to find a ticket now... Geez...

7 April 2010

Charlie has been developing & writing a feature length script with Claire Gerety-Mott for some months now. Plans are in the works for a table read, shortly. This script is FUNNY!

Check out Charlie's new Vanity Url for his IMDB page: www.imdb.me/charliecapen!

Listen here to a clip of the title track written by Charlie for his film!

My Music

Happy Birthday Avara!!

25 February 2010
Gonna have to bullet point all the new stuff out so we don't leave anything out...

~Completely new website for 3thingsfilm.com - CLICK HERE

~New Trailer post for 3 Things - CLICK HERE
~We got into Method Fest! - CLICK HERE
Method Fest!
~Our film features music by: Beck, Lykke Li, Stars & CHARLIE CAPEN!
~Our film features music by: Beck, Lykke Li, Stars & CHARLIE CAPEN!

21 November 2009
Wow. Too much to say midst all the "Twilight: New Moon" traffic jamming up the internet these very wonderful days.

First, Charlie's son Finnegan Thomas Capen was born. He was born October 5th at 1:24am. Charlie says he is a "very special little guy and an internet site/following has already appeared about him." Take that R-Patz!

LittleFinnNext, Charlie’s spots for Michelob Ultra & Sears continue to play, as do his earlier episodes of ABC Family’s Greek, maintaining his television presence.

Also, Charlie has a spot for Doritos that’s been entered into their annual contest. Teaming up once again with co-conspirators Noah Harald & Hunter Huston, this spot looks be a real contender for the over $1 Million Cash Prize. Check it out: CLICK HERE!

In other BIG news, Charlie’s film, 3 Things, is now up on IMDB and is in its final stages of post-production. Look for some exciting announcements on REALLY BIG musical artists donating their songs to the film, and an awesome trailer. More on that soon! Check out the 3 Things website: CLICK HERE!

14 September 2009
Weird fact: Charlie’s presence on the internet now exceeds over 500,000 views on YouTube alone!

Did you know Charlie has a spot airing in Greece right now? It shows some of the footage from his earlier “Eric the Trainer” spots. You can see them by CLICKING HERE!

Charlie’s film, 3 Things, presses on with professional coloring by one of LA’s best and editing has shaped up nicely. More on this shortly: 3thingsfilm.com

Also, Charlie’s cult hit “Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre” has been accepted to more festivals and won a bevy of awards recently. The film has played to over 30 film festivals now including AFI Fest & Method Fest. Check out upcoming dates:

Big Bear Horror Film Festival
Oct. 16-18

Spooky Movie: The Washington, D.C. Intl Horror Film Festival
Oct 22-25

The Starz Denver Film Festival
Nov 12-22

6 July 2009
"3 Things" has begun shooting! This past week marked the start of principal photography on the short written by Charlie and his friend (and co-star) Rachel Grant Jackson. The film also stars the tremendous talents of Michael Raymond James (HBO's True Blood, Black Snake Moan) and Saxon Trainor (Conspiracy Theory, NYPD Blue). Click here to visit the film's website!


Watch Charlie's new Denny's commercials: click here! They are up on FunnyorDie.com as well as College Humor, and many other websites as webisodes!

Charlie has also shot a Sear's commercial which is now airing. He plays a masterful ping pong player "husband" who hangs out because he doesn't have to spend time searching out good deals. The spot was directed by Mike Maguire and features fellow actor Aaron Takahashi.

27 April 2009
Charlie booked a new Denny's commercial featuring the STRANGEST cast to this very day. It's going to be a "trip" to say the least. After shooting from 6PM until the "wee hours" of the morning, Charlie arrived home to rest and realized "I don't think I could've dreamed what I just did up. I'm not that creative." More details to follow...

Charlie did a staged reading over the weekend of "Cara's Karma", a script by filmmaker Kirstie Palmer. The script was received by an intimate audience in Redondo Beach.

Elsewhere in time and space, 3 Things, the script Charlie has co-written and will star in, is going strong. Check out their latest email update regarding it's progress. You could donate and earn yourself a limited edition print of a hot local painter! Click here

And finally, Happy Birthday Charlie's Mom! Here's a pic from days past...


18 March 2009
Charlie will attending a black-tie College Television Awards this weekend. His pilot, Cost of Living, is in the top three and will be awarded as a comedic series. The top honor for the category will be announced that evening.
Also, if you'd like to see the pilot, there will be a screening at Cinespace this coming Monday, March 23rd @ 8PM.

If you are going to be in the Portland or Seattle areas, Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre will be playing at respective festivals here. CLICK HERE for more info.

Funding is heavily underway for Charlie's film script, Three Things. Go to the website to hear more: CLICK HERE

2 February 2009
Yesterday, Charlie was on the Superbowl in a new spot for Carl's Jr. during halftime. You can watch this new spot: CLICK HERE!

On Thursday, Charlie will be doing a staged reading of a very funny script co-written by Psycho Hillbilly writer Wendy Wegner. It's titled "Hermo Jones Is Back In Style". Charlie plays the lead, "Hermo" and re-unites with fellow Psycho Hillbilliites - Hunter Huston, Angela Schnaible and Cali Fredrichs. The reading is on Thursday, February 5th, 2009. Email to get details: hermojones@gmail.com

24 January 2009
It's been too long. Waaaaayy too long. Lots to cover, so little time. So here we go...

The Carl's Jr. ad has hit several states including Texas, Oregon, Washington, California & Colorado, and its YouTube page is now over 25,000 views! Watch the commercial, CLICK HERE!

Also, you can hear Charlie talking about the Carl's Jr. spot on KROQ's Kevin & Bean morning show with Tamara Brown by CLICKING HERE! The interview starts about 26 minutes into the show.

Charlie will also be starring in "Three Things", a film he co-wrote and will co-star with actress Rachel Jackson. The film is now in pre-production and will be commencing principal photography shortly.

Charlie also signed with the well-known Coast to Coast Talent Agency.

15 December 2008
"What's his name's" (tired of writing Charlie) next episode of Greek airs March 30th, 2009! For info about the show, CLICK HERE!

23 October 2008
Charlie's shot a new major Carl's Jr. commercial titled "Going Out" with director Clay Williams and actress Tamara Brown. To watch it, CLICK HERE!

19 August 2008
Charlie's completed the first of two episodes on ABC Family's "Greek". The first episode is titled "Three's a Crowd" and airs October 2008. For info about the show, CLICK HERE!

13 April 2008
PHCM played to a packed theater at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood this week. Met with laughs and gasps, the audience was in fine form to let loose. CLICK HERE to see another picture from the Method Fest award ceremony.

In other project news, Charlie's trailer for feature script REVERSAL is now up. Go to the website HERE! For a direct link to the trailer, CLICK HERE!

Also, the new website for Filmaka is up. You can see Charlie's co-star, Ellie Gerber on the front page. The launch of their webseries is imminent! To see the new site, CLICK HERE!

4 April 2008
Charlie attended Method Fest's award ceremony last night where Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre won the AUDIENCE AWARD! For a picture of the cast and crew accepting the award, CLICK HERE!

The PHCM guys will be appearing in the AFI SHORTLIST SHOWCASE on Tuesday @ 7:30PM at the Arclight. There will be free drinks after the screening, but RSVP is required. To RSVP, CLICK HERE!

20 March 2008

Charlie booked and shot a new spot for Michelob last week. Directed by Gavin Bowden, the commercial features Charlie hanging out with a group of friends and having a good time. What more could you ask for?

Also, you can add two more film festivals to Charlie's festival circuit tour:


The Indie Spirit Film Festival
Colorado Springs, CO
April 26th

A Night of Horror Film Festival
Sydney, Australia
April 3rd - April 11th SCHEDULE TO BE RELEASED

5 March 2008
People have requested a complete list of Charlie's upcoming showings and festivals, so here you go:

The Method Fest
Calabasas, CA
March 27th - April 3rd SCHEDULE TO BE RELEASED

AFI Short List Spring Showcase
Hollywood, CA

The Sarasota Film Festival
Sarasota, FL

The 2008 Indianapolis International Film Festival
Indianapolis, IN
April 23rd - May 3rd SCHEDULE TO BE RELEASED

Athens International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival
Athens, Greece

Reel Women International Film Festival
Beverly Hills, CA
March 10th - 10PM

Women's International Film Festival
Miami, FL
March 28th - April 6th SCHEDULE TO BE RELEASED

Newport Beach Film Festival
Newport Beach, CA
April 24th - May 1st SCHEDULE TO BE RELEASED

29 February 2008
Happy Leap Day!
Here's the latest:

- Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre is playing this weekend at the Beverly Hills Short Film Festival. CLICK HERE TO ATTEND WITH CHARLIE!

- The first of five episodes of Charlie's new webseries "Starlet", directed by Noah Harald and exec'd by Sandy Grushow, premieres tomorrow, April 1st! Bookmark the page: FILMAKA.COM

- Charlie completed his last ADR session on Temporary Obsession directed by Ben Peyser.

- Watch Charlie workout with Eric the Trainer on Eric's website. CLICK HERE and go to "Men & Women". His segment is at 3:15 on the video.

29 November 2007
Lots to cover of these past few weeks...

AFI Fest was a huge success! With both nights sold out, red carpet chaos and intense crowd reaction Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre was on the lips of most of the attendees present. Charlie was interviewed by AT&T Blue Room, AFI channel, Italian TV and Trojan TV, just to name a few.To see pictures from the red carpet, CLICK HERE!

In other news, Charlie will be working again with director-friend Noah Harald on his new web series, "Starlet". The series has been commissioned by Sandy Grushow, former chairman of 20th Century Fox TV). Noah directed Charlie to critical acclaim back in 2006 in another project titled "CLOCK". They are both excited to work together again and more details will follow as they become available. Check out Noah's website under Charlie's links section, HERE.

Also in the works is a studio recording session next week for Charlie's pilot presentation "Cost of Living". He's going to record a track for a scene from the pilot on guitar and vocals.

1 October 2007
Charlie's wrapped his pilot "Cost of Living". It was a fun project for him, topped off with a nightshoot filmed on location at Chi Dynasty, a local LA restaurant. More details to follow on this project as it develops, but be sure to stay tuned.

In other news, Charlie's recent horror genre rampage "Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre" has been accepted at several film festivals. Here are details on those upcoming around the country:




NOV 7th @ 5:15PM
NOV 9th @ 10:00PM

21 August 2007
Charlie's been busier than ever!

He's booked a comedy pilot entitled "Cost of Living" set in New York. The story revolves around a couple (Jennifer Del Rosario of the Disney channel and Charlie) who break up but due to the cost of living in the city they have to continue living together. Shooting this week, Charlie has had lots of fun on this one. Look for clips of it soon.

Charlie's Scrabble spec commercial is online now as well. To view it, CLICK HERE!

31 July 2007
It's been a while so let's get down to it...

Charlie's ad for Propel Water has appeared now in last month's Cosmo, People and Shape magazines to name a few. The full page ad should be showing up on the site here shortly.

In acting news, Charlie made an appearance at the premiere for Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre. The theater was above full capacity and had to have seats brought in to accomodate for the attendees. Charlie also shot a spec ad for Scrabble this past weekend and has been on a healthy number of auditions despite the summer lull.

Charlie's band, The Active Set, will be playing the Knitting Factory this Wednesday, August 1st @ 8:45P. They've added a couple of new songs to their set and are excited to perform for you.

11 June 2007
Tonight, Charlie will be doing a staged-reading at the WGA (Writer's Guild of America) for screenwriter/friend David Whelan. David is the next generation of writers coming out of UCLA. Charlie plays "James Newby", a fresh-faced war photographer during the post-nuke days of Hiroshima. CLICK HERE to learn more and find out how to attend!

Charlie's band, The Active Set, will be playing its first gig at the end of June. Check out the band's Myspace page and come on down...

25 May 2007
An Open Door will be screening at the Jackson Hole Film Festival in Wyoming on Friday, June 8th and Saturday, June 9th. For screening details, CLICK HERE.

Charlie's AT&T and Dr. Pepper commercials are in constant rotation now. Charlie is either running, dancing, pressing his face up against the glass or grabbing at things in the spots. That's just how he rolls.

In international news, Charlie's Diet Coke spot is up for an award at a festival in Cannes. For more info, CLICK HERE.

Lastly, a trailer for Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre is becoming a viral video phenomenon spreading out far and wide. Details on its premiere forthcoming.

2 May 2007
An Open Door is still making the rounds in the festival circuit. Next stop will be the Jackson Hole Film Festival. The festival will run from June 7th to June 11th in Wyoming, an amazing locale in itself. Charlie will be making an appearance to promote the film and answer questions from the audience and other filmmakers. Click Here for more info!

Charlie's birthday is Sunday, the 6th. He's quite happy to be turning the big 8-3. Birthday plans include watching the Discovery HD channel for 7 hours straight, Jamaican curling, chanting, and pointing lasers at people. Donations are gladly accepted for the "Save Charlie from Geriatrics Foundation" as well as its sister company "Fund for the Doddering Dramatist".

17 April 2007
An Open Door is screening next week at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Charlie will be attending to promote his portrayal in the award-winning short. It seems the festival is getting massive publicity around here and its ad's can be seen in over 15 different periodicals in Southern California. Click Here to buy tickets. See you there!

In other AOD news, the film has been accepted at the Jackson Hole Film Festival and The World Association of Film & TV Schools. Details coming shortly on those.

Look out for Charlie's Dr. Pepper and AT&T commercials starting in a couple weeks.

Also, in the fun department, check out the band Charlie's in: The Active Set. Click here for a listen.

27 March 2007
New news for An Open Door: it's won Best Cinematography at the Lake County Film Festival! Click Here for more info.

Also, AOD will be screening once again in Southern California at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Click Here for tickets and info.

And check out the Gallery Section for new headshots by Kristy Mann. More pictures from recent shoots soon to be posted as well.

Lastly, a new Journal entry by Charlie. Short and sweet.

9 March 2007
Charlie has just signed with super-manager Michelle Benedetti @ Verve Entertainment. They're both very excited about his career and looking forward to working together. Charlie loved Michelle's passion for her work and her experience in the industry. Michelle liked his 'num-chuk skills'.

In other news, Charlie booked another commercial, this one for AT&T broadband. It shoots this weekend and is directed by the same guy who did the previous Dr. Pepper spot, David Kellogg.

Finally, Charlie shot new pictures with friend Kristy Mann. Those will be up as soon as we get them. They were shot in Los Angeles' Silverlake and Echo Park districts. Kristy always comes through in great stride. We're looking forward to them.

23 February 2007
Good news and bad news, kids...
Bad news: Charlie's short "Two Doors" did not win the Coca Cola Refreshing Filmmaker's Award, but the support you've shown has been huge and very notable. It will be online for a year, so you can continue to enjoy it regardless. You can watch a quicktime of that short film: CLICK HERE

On the other hand, the good news is Charlie booked a commercial for another refreshing soda, Dr. Pepper. He shoots next week. More details as they come in, but it looks like Charlie will be doing something pretty crazy in the spot.

Also, for those of you living under a rock and haven't seen Charlie's special on the TV Guide channel, someone has put it up on YouTube: CLICK HERE

5 February 2007
As we approach Valentine's Day, nothing says 'I love you' more than voting for Charlie in "Two Doors" for the Coca Cola Refreshing Filmmakers Award by February 10th! The response has been huge, as hundreds and hundreds vote. You can watch a quicktime of that short film: CLICK HERE

In related news, the Bruin, UCLA's periodical (whose reach makes it the second largest in Los Angeles), is doing a piece on the filmmaker. There's an accompanying picture also; if you look closely you'll see Charlie hard at work. You can read that here: IT'S THE REEL THING

Support Charlie and vote: CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

Also, Charlie's film "An Open Door" will be screening this March at the Lake County Film Festival in Lake County, Illinois. The founder of the festival personally watches every entry that makes it through and credits Charlie's performance as "great work". You can get details: CLICK HERE

23 January 2007
Voting has officially begun for the Coca Cola Refreshing Filmmaker Award Contest. If his short wins, it'll play before audiences in 21,000 theaters across America. Enter your email, click "SUBMIT" and vote for "TWO DOORS".

Support Charlie and vote: CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

15 January 2007
Check out Charlie on the TVGuide Channel tonight and for many nights to come in "Building the Hollywood Body" with Eric the Trainer. Eric has Charlie demonstrate key exercises to building a body like the stars. Also featured is friend and actress, Joanna Sims. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

Charlie also booked and shot a print ad for Propel water this weekend. In it, he had to wrangle four different dogs as a dogwalker pulling him toward a beautiful girl. Charlie kept it under control but the Great Dane definitely had her moments.

9 January 2007
Happy New Year! It's been an acting melee for Charlie this past month, so let's get started:

Charlie booked and shot a short titled "CLOCK" for entry in an online contest at www.filmaka.com. It has been entered as a top finalist out of 76 films, ranking #2 in online voting!

A short film Charlie shot a year ago with friends Joanna Sims and Adrian Ursu (director) is up on Adrian's website. Check it out: CLICK HERE!

Look for Charlie on the TVGuide Channel with Eric the Trainer starting January 14th. Eric will be demonstrating some of his exercises for men using Charlie as his guinea pig.

Last week's final ADR sessions mark the completion of Austin Formato's finalist entry for Coca Cola's Refreshing Filmmaker's Award contest. Austin is one of 10 finalists out of thousands of entrants. The spot will be online for a year and if it wins it will play on 21,000 theaters nationally. For more info and viewing starting January 19th, CLICK HERE!

Charlie is also shooting a short this weekend as an ego-centric boyfriend in Kirstie Palmer's "Love" alongside Samara Frame.

Big things on the horizon...

28 November 2006
Charlie booked a new short titled "Love" directed by Kirstie Palmer about a woman's experiences as she tries to define love and her handling of it. Charlie plays another self-obsessed boyfriend. Typecasting anyone?Also on the slate is a Diet Coke commercial coming from director Austin Formato. More details to follow...

Meanwhile, Charlie fit in shooting a teaser video for friend and personal trainer Eric Fleishman promoting his hugely successful workout program. For details go to: www.ericthetrainer.com

Charlie's playstation commercial hit the net two weeks ago, soon to be a viral video clogging up emails worldwide...

And lastly, Birthday wishes go out to Charlie's brother, James. He's turning the big 23... that's the legal age of owning Def Leppard albums in Georgia, right?

25 October 2006
Charlie shot a print campaign for the G4 media channel last Saturday over at Quixote studios. The spot features Charlie nerding-out over some techie gadgets while still fighting to retain his "coolness". Needless to say, the nerd won out.

30 September 2006
Charlie booked and shot a commercial this past Friday for Playstation's upcoming video game "SingStar" where friends compete in Karaoke-style battles. The game has already been released in Europe and Australia. Yes, he karoakes and dances in it - so you betta check yo-self! Look for it around the web in the next couple of months. For more info on the game: www.gamespot.com

21 September 2006
Charlie has booked the role of "Spencer" in upcoming horror film Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre. Principal shooting starts in two weeks and yes, Charlie goes out in style... Check out the film's website for more info: www.psychohillbillycabinmassacre.com or the film's Myspace page: www.myspace.com/phcm

25 August 2006
Charlie has been nominated for his performance in An Open Door as Joey Johnson. The film screens Saturday, August 26th @ 3:30P for anyone in the North Idaho area. The screening will include a discussion by AOD's director, Crystal Us. For more info and to purchase tickets, visit www.ipiff.com

24 August 2006

Saturday, August 9th, 2006 @ 12:45P
Arclight Cinemas, 6360 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

For more information or buy to tickets, visit www.lashortsfest.com
AOD is also showing this week at the Idaho Panhandle International Film Festival in North Idaho. Check out their site for more info: www.ipiff.com
To download PDF of invite, click here.

23 August 2006
Watch for Charlie in an upcoming commercial directed by music video director legend Paul Hunter for JC Penney. Airing August 31st on MTV during the MTV Video Music Awards. In the spot, Charlie is accosted by nearly 50 girls scream his name "Kevin" and throw underwear in his general direction. Tough job.

June 13, 2006
Charlie was photographed at a session for Pacific Jeans in a studio somewhere off the 710 freeway. He'll be featured in their upcoming catalogue. And yes, his butt does look good in those jeans.

May 31, 2006
Charlie has wrapped shooting on up-and-comer Ben Peyser's dark comedy titled "Temporary Obsession.” Charlie plays Josh, a misguided corporate employee bent on taking out a fellow employee. Expect photos of this project in the gallery section shortly, here. Note: he did a little stunt work for this one, you should be proud.