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January 23, 2009
Kevin & Bean of Los Angeles radio station KROQ discuss Charlie's Carl's Jr. commercial with Tamara Brown in studio.

February 2, 2009

From TheJay.com:

The Finest Delivery of the Word "Thanks" Ever Committed to Existence

By The Jay

I’m also quite fond of the guy’s “we are” as he sneakily leans back. And her head tilt response. And his bit of business straightening out his shirt.

This is quite the well-directed commercial.

And how she walks into the room and presents herself, fully expecting a big response, gets it, but doesn’t quite know what to do with it because he’s not equally as dressed up, and therefore delivers the “thanks” in the way she hadn’t practiced in the bathroom mirror as she was getting ready. Which, then, begs the question: are we to assume she’s a stereotypical dumb blonde, or did the adwizards hire a beautiful blonde girl who can do a parody of a stereotypical blonde girl?

This is quite the well-cast commercial.

I’m also confused as to where this is all taking place. Obviously they’re dating, maybe even boyfriend and girlfriend. Did she get ready at her place, then come over? Wouldn’t she expect to be picked up? Why didn’t he open the door for her if she was knocking? Who leaves their apartment door open in any situation that isn’t an NBC sitcom from the 90’s? And why am I putting so much thought into this?

This is quite the mysterious commercial.

And who even eats Carl’s Jr. for dinner? Or, for that matter, any other time of the day that isn’t “lunch” or “drunk at 2 am, unable to locate a Jack in the Box, and confident in their ability to make it to a bathroom within eight minutes of completion of the meal”? And seriously, HE expects HER to eat Carl’s Jr? Or any fast food at all? Or “steak”, for that matter? This guy is delusional. And a dick boyfriend. But also? Kind of my hero.

Oh, and did I happen to mention she’s really hot? Cause: BOOF. This is her, btw: Tamara Brown.

Is this the best “unbelievably hot chick in a surprisingly good commercial promoting terrible junk food” since Ali Landry caught Doritos in her mouth? It may be too early to tell. We’re gonna need to see if Tamara can parlay this spot into a third-billed lead in a CW teen drama, a Playboy magazine cover and a failed engagement to at least one former child star.

But one thing is for sure: this is QUITE the commercial.